Sunday, April 22


A hacked up version of the BBCode extension for Firefox that, while it adds Textile formatting to the context menu, will likely break your installed version of BBCode.

I am in love Textile. The fact that you can easily to Textile in Ruby with RedCloth makes it even more desirable. To be fair, RedCloth handles Markdown pretty well, apparently, and Markdown, I like you, I really do, but Textile has won my heart…

When 37signals mentioned a new Basecamp extension for Firefox called BaseCode, I checked it out and was duly impressed. If you’ve ever used Firefox’s BBCode extension or the quicktags thingy in WordPress, then you get the idea… In fact, BaseCode uses a good chunk of the original BBCode extension, which got me to thinking…

The one thing I don’t like about BaseCode is that it isn’t a pure implementation of Textile. It has the images thing going, and it writes a few inline styles that muck up my prettily formated Textile text. If it were Textile-only, it would work well in any textarea that allowed Textile: Instiki, Textpattern, Backpack, and the list goes on.

So, I hacked together Contextile. Derived entirely from the original BBCode extension, Contextile is Firefox plugin that adds a context menu to textareas to help you Textilize your text.


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