Beginning Rails: Published

Tuesday, July 24

I’m happy to announce the release of the book I’ve been working on with Cloves Carneiro Jr. and Hampton Catlin: “Beginning Rails: From Novice to Professional.” [cue: sound of champagne cork popping]

Beginning Rails is the practical starting point for anyone wanting to learn how to build dynamic web applications using the Rails framework for Ruby. You’ll learn how all of the components of Rails fit together and how you can leverage them to create sophisticated web applications with less code and more joy.

Pete wrote up a nice article on the Unspace blog, and Colin from CommunityLend made me blush a little with what he wrote. And leave it to Pete to stir up some debate about the trademark of the Rails logo and its resulting absence from the front cover of the book.

Strangely enough, I ordered a copy of the book from Amazon on Sunday and it was just delivered to my door. It’s funny because I haven’t even received my shipment from Apress. As soon as I noticed that Amazon had it in stock, I knew I’d get my grubby hands on a copy faster by ordering it from them. So, I paid $50 for my own book (including costly expedited shipping). Sigh. Hopefully I’ll get my shipment from Apress soon.